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10 Tips on How to Please a Man in Bed – It’s Not as Hard as You Think

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Examples of pleasing your man in bed.So how to please a man in bed? There’s more to sex than penetration. Sex is meant to be a fun filled and satisfying experience. Pleasing a man in bed is not as difficult as you think. All men have sexual cravings that they won’t necessarily let you know.

Pleasing your man in bed is a simple as showing him that you’re not only prepared to have sex but you’re excited about having it too. Once you let loose of your inner sexual prowess, turning on your man becomes easy. To ensure that you’re different from the rest, here are the 10 sex cravings all men have that you should know.

1. He Wants You to Show Him Some Moves… One of the ways to pleasure your man is showing him that you’re good at it. He wants you to show him some moves. Take your time and learn sex positions that will drive him crazy in bed. In doing so you will show him that you’re interested in having sex and he will respond by making sure that you’re satisfied. He will also look forward to having sex with you more often.

2. He Wants You to Be Unpredictable in Bed… So you have got your move right, but that’s not enough. Your man wants you to mix things up in bed. Avoid repeating things as this makes sex boring. Variety will keep him turned on because he isn’t sure of what to expect. Learn how to satisfy your man in bed through foreplay and with Dirty Words. Stroke his penis with your hands, before starting with the missionary, place your legs on his shoulders before letting him access you from behind.

a  woman teasing a man in bed to please him3. He Wants You to Enjoy Sex… Your man wants you to get the possible satisfaction from having sex with him. He also wants you to enjoy sex. To make sure that this happens, letting loose of your sexual capabilities is imperative. Be engrossed in the experience with both your mind and soul. Be wild and give him a hot and erotic sexual experience that will stand out in his brain.

4. He Wants You to Get Naughty for Him… Don’t be scared to get naughty in the bedroom because that’s one of the ways to pleasure a man. Men prefer women who are care free and would love to see that you’re truly excited about having sex with him. What does getting naughty involve? Anything that will show him you love sex and how badly you want it with him. You can grab his ass when he hits climax or gently nip his shoulders for instance.

5. He Wants Fun in Sex… Things will not always go as planned during sex. Sometimes some sex positions don’t work an erotic noises won’t happen. If you get caught up in this mishap, you will certainly ruin the mood, but if both of you have a good laugh, the bond between you and him is strengthened. You can even make silly bets during sex or play little naughty games in between the sex.

6. He Wants You to Turn Yourself On… Women, unlike men need time to get turned on. Although your guy may be more than willing to turn you on himself, he definitely wouldn’t mind if you started to turn yourself on. In order to make sure your libido is heightened, you can draw some inspiration from sources that give information how to give self-pleasure and get tips on how to pleasure your man which you can use to turn him on.

7. He Wants to Know How it Was Like… Nothing pleases a man than the thought knowing he is up to task when it comes to satisfying his woman sexually. You man wants to know that you really liked having sex with him. Let him know he gives you the best sex you’ve ever had. This boosts his confidence in bed and it’s needless to say that he can only work harder to make sure you’re satisfied sexually.

please a man in bed sexually8. He Wants You to Take Control… While your man may like to call the shots in bed, he wouldn’t mind if you controlled him sometimes. So, don’t be afraid, take control in bed. Let him know that you want to have sex now and also let him know how you want it. Remember that you’re the one setting the rules here and even question whether he wants it. Try it tonight; you will be amazed with the results.

9. He Wants to Watch… Men are turned on by what they see so make sure you give him something to watch. You can place a mirror besides the bed so that you can watch yourselves in action. You can also dress in sexy lingerie to keep his imagination alive. Get on top, give it to him the doggie style or even touch yourself in front of him. Whatever you do, give him something to watch.

10. He Wants You to Surprise Him… Men love surprises. Give him a pleasant surprise out of nowhere. This will greatly boost his confidence not to mention that he will be ready for you. Imagine being at a party and then you take your man to the bedroom or closet and have sex with him? Or pleasing him with your hand in the middle of a meal in a fancy restaurant. That’s a surprise he definitely didn’t see coming. Isn’t it?

The secret is out! Ten things that men crave in bed you should know if you’re serious about discovering how to satisfy a man. You sex life is definitely better after reading this article on how to please a man in bed. Have a great sex life!

Where to Touch a Man in Bed to Bring Him the Most Pleasure

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women kissing a man in bedThis question How to Pleasure a Man in Bed has been asked by many women. If you thought men don’t love being caressed, kissed and nibbled all over like women, think again. A man’s body is full of hidden secret zones that can get him really turned on if stroked in the right manner. They are referred to as erogenous zones and the more zones you stroke, the more the pleasure. To help you discover some of these zones and how to work them out, here is a comprehensive look at where to touch a man to give him the most pleasure.

Beneath His Penis… The Perineum which is the flesh under the penis all the way to scrotum is the ultimate joy spot for a man. Learn how to please a man in bed by stroking and gently pressing along the length of this zone. Don’t be worry, he will love it and he is most likely going to respond with sighs and moans. As a matter of fact you will never go wrong with a guy if you know to work any part below his belt.

The Inner Thigh… The inner thigh is one of the most sensitive parts of a guy’s body. While you cannot touch your man’s penis until you have really known him well, you can come close to doing it with an aim of letting him know what you intend to do. This is the zone to touch especially if you’re in public places. Stroke the inner thigh without being too apparent. Get close to the penis but don’t touch it. Let the touch be more of a tease than a caress.

The Neck… The neck is laced with a myriad of nerve endings and is very receptive to touch. One of the ways to pleasure a man is kissing and licking his neck. He will get a feeling that will go down to his spine not to mention that the hairs on his back will stand up. Work your tongue along his neck to arouse his sixth sense.

Man and woman Cuddling in bedThe Back… Giving him a sensual massage to his back will definitely get him aroused. Just make sure that you give him a firmer touch to make sure he’s really turned on. Discover how to satisfy your man in bed with the use of your fingers. Give him a light, feathery stroke to tickle him while alternating it with more strong and firm strokes. Don’t forget to be gentle though. Run your fingers from the top of his neck all the way to the trench near his butt. Repeat the motion several times to make sure he is really in the mood.

The Ear… There is nothing that can compare to playing with a man’s ears and massaging his earlobes in the quest turning him on. Place the earlobe between your lips and work the back of the ear with the other hand. Just do it like you’re fooling around and before you know it, he will be groaning with pleasure. Pull his ear and whisper little naughty words to him. Your hot breath into his ears will leave him even more turned on.

The Arches of His Feet… This is a very sensitive part not only for men but women as well. However, it is more sensitive especially for men. It therefore goes without saying that the next time you get intimate, learn how to satisfy your man by giving a little more attention to the feet more so the arches and you will be amazed at what happens.

The Face… Touching some parts of the face will make you endeavor on how to pleasure your man greatly successful. The face is laced with quite a number of sensitive areas. Apart from deep kisses, the lips would do with some skillful touches. Run your fingertips along the lips or inside the mouth. This is not only erotic but surprising as well. The area that connects with the nose with the lips is full of nerve endings too, touch it in an intimate way would certainly leave your man burning with desire.

These are the hot zones in your man’s body that are overly receptive to touches. Follow the tips given here and you will be on your way to great sexual encounters with your man. Remember, like I mentioned earlier, the more zones you work out, the more successful you will be in turning him on, the more intimate the sex. I hope this has answered your question “how to pleasure a man in bed” completely.

7 Hot Sex Positions That Will Satisfy any Man in Bed!

Woman kissing a manSo you want know how to satisfy your man in bed and turn things around in the bedroom? Do you want to spice up things in the bedroom? You can drive your man crazy with sex positions that all men love. Sex is all about getting intimate with your man, and these sex positions are meant to increase fun as you explore your sexual capabilities. Trying different sexual positions will keep your man interested in having sex with you more often. To help you spruce up your sex life, here are 7 hot sex positions that will satisfy any man.

1. The Woman on Top… All men love the woman on top position. If you want to know how to pleasure a man bed, you must know that you have the right to charge in the bedroom. Assuming the top position is fun and gives you the power to control the act. When on this position, it means that your man doesn’t have to work hard at all not to mention that he has a clear of your goodies. This position provides a win-win situation for both of you because you reach orgasm much faster and there’s no stress on your less. This position also allows for delayed orgasm.
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2. Doggy Style… This is without a doubt one of the hottest moves you’ll ever use on your man while having sex. The doggy style elongates your vaginal tract allowing for deeper penetration. With this style your man has the full view of your behind which is very vital when it comes to learning on how to please a man in bed. The doggie style makes your man feel more powerful and animalistic at the same time. This is the perfect position when your man doesn’t hit climax relatively fast.

3. Face Play… The face play position facilities for a face to face encounter with your man. It comes with the chance to look deep in to each other eyes when getting intimate with your man. Sit him down on a chair or on the edge of the bed. Get on his lap and seductively as you let him enter you. To increase intimacy, place his hands on your body to make him enjoy your curves.

4. The Lap Trap… This is a position that will guarantee both of you untold pleasure. It makes your man have good view of your boobs and he can comfortably suck them to increase your pleasure. Dive onto his lap and rest your back against his thighs. Proceed to bend your legs, placing your ankles on his shoulders. Allow him to up the intimacy as he gets inside you. Don’t forget to take full advantage of his sensual touches on your thighs and breast. Make him go wild with sighs and moans because that how you please your man.

Satisfy you man in bed5. The Racy Embrace… If you’re looking for ways to pleasure your man then this is then move to make sure you indulge in passionate love making with him. To pull the move correctly, jump onto his lap while he is sits or relaxed in bed. Go ahead and wrap your legs tightly in his waist while taking control of the act. Be sure to wow your man with some really hot and sexy moves. With the ray embrace position, your man has full access to your neck which means his wet kisses will leave you begging for more.

6. The 69… With a little creativity, you can make your man go crazy with this position. This is the perfect position when both of you want to simultaneously get pleasure from the act. Let your man access you vagina so as he can give you a lick. While he is licking you, give him a blow job on the other ends. Both of you will get turned on and won’t be long before he begs to get inside you.

7. The Man on Top… This is the classic position that is not going away any time soon. If you want to learn how to satisfy a man, allow him to get on top as this makes him feel that he is in charge of what is happening. To make it pleasurable lie down on the bed, legs wide open and let your man get inside you. This is enough to make your man quiver with desire. As he makes love to you, rub his back to make him crazier.

Look no further than these 7 hot sex positions if you want your man to have sex with you more often. With the little ingenious ways on how to satisfy your man in bed, any of these positions will look fresh every time you use them with your man.


10 Hot Tips for Pleasing Your Man That Will Have Him Begging For More!

woman holding a mans handSo you finally met the right guy for you. Knowing how to please your man is now a high priority. He is your Mr. Right, your Mr. charming. You certainly want to keep coming home back to your arms for many more days. But are you aware that to make sure he turns his eyes away from other women you need to play your part to make sure he is sexually satisfied? Learn how to please your man and he will be yours and yours alone. How do you do it? Here are 10 tips that will have him begging for more.

1. Flirt with Him… Your man would do with some complements. I am talking about positive complements here. If you’re on the quest on how pleasure a man in bed, let him know about his physical attributes that you really like. Let him know that you like his sexy pair of biceps or his chest to make him feel good about himself.

2. The Power of the Blowjob… You want to him to quiver with desire? A blow job will help you do exactly that. All men love blowjobs and will never go wrong with one. Stroke his penis with your hand because that’s one of the ways to pleasure a man that has been tried and tested over time.
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3. Try Various Sex Positions… One of the ways on how to please your man is remaining fresh all the time in bed. Avoid being too predictable so that sex doesn’t turn into a ritual. Make him yearn for more because he knows you will have something new in bed every time since that’s how to satisfy your man in bed.

4. Be Interesting… This goes hand in hand with showing him that you’re excited about having sex. Ask him open ended questions that you know will make him feel you’re interested in having sex. Any man will definitely want to have more sex with a woman who is enthusiastic about having sex.

5. Tell Him How You Feel… This is a sure way to make your man beg for more. There’s nothing that turns on a man than knowing he is able to satisfy a woman sexually. The thought that he can meet your sexual needs not only boosts his ego but also makes him a better lover.

6. Discover His Sexual Fantasies… This is where it starts on how to please a man in bed. You have to know what he likes even before you embark on the journey to discovering how to please you man. It is only after you have discovered his sexual fantasies that you can be in a better position to satisfy him sexually.

woman having doggie sex to please her man.7. The Sensual Massage… Giving a man a massage from his back all the way to his anus is a sure way to make him burning with desire. Make him lie on his stomach, sit on him and start working on his spine to get him on the mood. All men love to pamper and a massage will show him that you care for him.

8. Tease Him… Engage in episodes of teasing behavior to only win a smile capable of melting your heart but also set his sexual drive on fire. Look into his eyes and tell him that whoever blinks first will have to return a certain sexual favor. You can also run your fingers along your hair, or even brush your ass against his body.

9. Keep Him Intrigued… You have to know how to satisfy a man by letting him know that you’re getting more and more fascinating with each passing day. Don’t be afraid to show him what you’re capable of by dressing up in a sexy way or pulling surprises in bed out of nowhere.

10. Be Confident in Bed… You want to learn how to please a man in bed? If the answer is yes then I suggest you work on your confidence levels. That you’re confident in bed means that you can easily please you man because you are not afraid of being misjudged when you talk dirty to him for instance. Actually the more confident you’re the better you become in bed.

When you’re unsure of what to do, you can draw some inspiration by reading love magazines or seeking help form relationship experts. It’s not hard to learn how to please a man if you work hard at it.

5 Tips That Will Keep You Man Sexually Satisfied!

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Do you know how to satisfy a man? Better yet can you satisfy your man in bed?

Do you know how to sexually satisfy your man?The big question then becomes; how do I satisfy my man sexually? Most women think that satisfying a man in bed means acting like a whore in bed. While there is some truth in this you can decide to be “his whore” and learn how to satisfy a man while you’re at it. Here are five tips you may want to consider to keep your man sexually satisfied.

1. Look Sexy Always… It is no surprize that men are often visually stimulated. Unlike women, who are mentally stimulated, men get turned on by a woman physical appearance. While it may not be possible to keep looking sexy each and every day try and look sexy as much as you can. Invest in some clothes that will flatter your curves. When your man sees how sexually attractive you are, he will want to have sex with you more often. The more your man has sex with you, the more the chance you have to fulfill his sexual needs. The journey on how to pleasure a man in bed boils down to how creative you are in making him want to have sex with you more often.

2. Give Him a Show… You man will definitely do with an erotic show from you. When you are in bed with him, give him a private show. By this I mean giving him a show like they do in strip clubs. You can get a pole in the bedroom which will help you in your dirty dance. That your man will get turned on when you give him dirty dance needs no emphasis. To make sure that his anticipation is at its best, dress in some sexy lingerie. Dim the lights and remove one piece after the other. By the time you’re done with the last piece, he will be burning with desire and will definitely want to have steamy sex with you.

3. Let Loose of Your Inner Sexual Prowess… One of the ways to pleasure a man is to open yourself both physical and mentally to make sure you achieve orgasm. This places you in a better position to achieve orgasm. Some women have a wrong misconception that by simply getting naked they will have great sex. Sadly this is not the case especially if you’re seeking on how to satisfy your man in bed. You have to be open both physically and mentally by getting soaked in the pleasure you feel. This will make sure that your mind is engaged in the act and you will be able to satisfy your man with much ease.

Woman squating on bed4. Don’t Do it Like You’re Doing Him a favor… You want to learn how to satisfy a man? Then you need to know that giving him a hand job or a blowjob is not in any way doing him a favor. Give him oral sex the same way you would want him to do it to you. Show him that you’re enthusiastic and that you’re doing it whole heartedly. If you man feels that you genuinely want to give him pleasure, the will respond by making sure you get satisfied as well. You can get him in the mood by choosing to incorporate sex toys as well. However, before you introduce toys make sure that you have held a prior conversation with your man so that you can only introduce toys that he is comfortable with.

5. Take Sex Seriously… Sex is great, and goes a long way in strengthening the bond between you and your man. Unfortunately most women don’t treat sex with the seriousness it deserves. If you want to keep your man interested in you knowing how to please a man in bed is paramount and cannot be compromised. Have sexual conversations with your man more often because in doing so he will let you in on some of his sexual desires and fantasies. It goes without saying therefore that the more you know about your man sexual desires, the easier it will be for you to meet his sexual needs.

Discover how to satisfy a man, because that’s how you make him yearn for your body more and more.

Have You Tried This to Really Pleasure Your Man?

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Pleasuring a manIt is said that men, unlike women are easily turned on. Men are turned on by what they see. It is enough to trigger a man’s brain into thinking about sex if you wear sexy clothes that flatter your curves for instance. When a man is turned on having great episodes of sex then becomes very easy. It takes courage and creativity to turn on a guy. However, there are those moves that may catch him by surprise. I am talking about moves that will certainly drive him crazy. You may know your man inside out, but have you tried this to ways to pleasure a man? Here are some things you may want to consider if you’re about arousing all of his senses.

Smells and Aromas… Long before your man takes you to bed, let him smell you. Unique scents are known arouse sexual drive in men. Apart from hot sex moves, learn how to pleasure a man in bed by adorning sexy scents and perfumes before getting intimate with him. Your man will really like it if you know how to select the right perfumes that have invigorating smells. I am talking about the kind that will turn him on in an instant.

Use of Aphrodisiacs… There are several aphrodisiacs out there that you can use to not only turn your guy but to also add intimacy to sex. Take strawberries for instance. These are elegant and sensual aphrodisiacs if you’re seeking on how to satisfy your man in bed. Other aphrodisiacs you can use to trigger your man’s sexual senses include sweet wines and champagnes. These will give him that extra special twist to intimacy.

Casual Delights… That men love to see their women in their clothes needs no emphasis. You want to get him thinking about sex and possibly jump on you full of desire? Try dressing in his over-sized t-shirt with no panties. This is a definite turn on tactic not use d by many women.

Another way to pleasure a man sense of sight is by wearing sexy lingerie. However you must know his taste so that you get the desired results. A holed lingerie will definitely heightened his imagination and he will want to have sex with you there and then.

Oral Sex… If you’ve not been engaging in oral sex with your guy then you have been missing out on a golden chance to really warn up things in the bedroom. Men like attention more so when such attention is oral. Focus your full attention on his manliness with your mouth and hands. If you want to make if extra pleasurable, you may use flavored oils and he will definitely love it. Oral stimulus is a sure tact to use if you’re on the quest on how to please your man in bed.

Woman touching a manGet Touchy… Get your man in the mood for exhilarating sexual encounter by giving him a sensual massage. Make sure that you work all his sensitive parts to make him burn with desire. Ensure that the lips, ears, neck, inner thighs and ankles get the necessary attention. Work all the parts because the more parts you touch; the easier it will be to get the best out of him sexually.

Pleasing the Ears… When it comes to all various ways of how to please your man, most women tend to ignore the sense of hearing. Imagine what some soft, sensual music would do to set the correct ambiance for explosive sex not to mention turning on your guy. Some men also find it incredibly sexy when a woman whispers soft sexual sounds into their ears. Don’t under estimate the power of erotic sounds as one of the ways to pleasure a man. These could be the ultimate turn on tricks to use on your man.

Teasing Him during Meals… If you manage to grab his attention you can spice up things a little bit by teasing him over a meal. This will make him anticipate for things to come later in bed. You can run your fingers along his inner thigh under the dinner table to give him pleasure. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t finish his meal and opt to take you to bed instead.

These ways to pleasure a man will make you a better lover in the bed if you’re serious about learning how to satisfy a man. Try out them today and your sex life will never be the same again.